Random Ramblings about Things and Whatever

Random Ramblings about Things and Whatever

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Random Comics Review: Vertigo Pop! London #3, 2003

This is the third issue of a four issue mini series by Peter Milligan and Phillip Bond about an over the hill 60's rock god that switches bodies with an up and coming contemporary pop star (thru a magic bong). Rocky is the aged rock and Sean is the pop star Rocky plans to use.The intent is to take Sean's body in order to become a celebrity again. Of course nothing goes as planned.

In this issue Rocky and his current wife Trixie carry out the plan. Things seem to go smoothly at first. Sean/Rocky is placed in a mental hospital, because no one of course believes his absurd story that he's the real Sean Cody. Rocky/Sean begins recording a new album. He and his wife Trixie have a renewed sex life. However, things soon begin to misfire. Rocky/Sean is able to see from an outsiders view the people he's hurt over his life including his first wife and daughter. Rocky/Sean also has to deal with the seedier aspects of Sean's life that lie just beneath the surface of Sean's pretty boy image.

The story by Peter Milligan is told briskly with humor and punch. There's a knowing wink and nudge towards classic rock, the swinging 60's Mod scene, and 90's Brit Pop without throwing in over obvious parodies. The character are well rounded and the ones that aren't likable are at least funny. The art by Phillip Bond is well suited for this story. It strikes just the right balance between cartoony and ..I wouldn't say realistic, maybe naturalistic?

Vertigo Pop!London is fun romp. A fine comic to give to someone who might want to read comics,but not interested in superheroes or horror or science fiction.

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